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What We Do

The question isn’t anymore WHY business needs to change to become a force for good. But HOW and WHEN.

Gaea Collaboration exists to help to answer those questions.

Most organisations still treat Sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as an obligation disconnected from the “business as usual”. As a consequence, sustainability targets end up being a set of goals isolated from the business objectives, which accomplishment is not always considered an integral part of the business success. Given the current context of the world, this approach is not only dated, but it can also put in risk the continuity of business and brands that still consider sustainability practices as “nice to have”.
With challenges as significant as climate change, biodiversity loss and plastic pollution, we believe an evolved vision for the role of business, which treats sustainability as another pillar of success, is imperative.
A vision where every brand and organisation is primarily an agent of solutions, which source of growth comes from the contribution to People’s lives and to a better Planet.
A vision where success is measured in a holistic way and the impact on Sales and Profit is valued as much as the impact on Society and on the Environment.
We believe making the world a better place will be very soon the new driving force for business to thrive. And we are committed to contributing to making it happen.
We work leveraging the experience gained working in Unilever with leading global brands and cross-functional teams combined with new expertise in the areas of system thinking, circular economy and sustainable innovation, that we can access through our network of collaborators, bespoke for the needs of the specific project.

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