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Sustainability Transformation Programme

Designed to help organisations to understand their sustainability challenges and to find the “sweet spot” where it’s possible to make a positive impact on both People, Planet, and Profit, to future-proof their business.

It is a bespoke journey, where business leaders are exposed to a variety of external and internal stimulus, to inspire them to look at their roles and their organisations from a systemic point of view and to identify the strategic actions that will make sustainability a new driving force.


This programme is delivered in partnership with some collaborators and experts from our network, depending on the nature of the business.


Expected outputs are:

  • Systemic View of the impact of the brand/business

  • Reframed Vision considering the holistic impact the brand/business wants to have in the world – Profit, People, and Planet.

  • Action Plan with the strategic decisions necessary to bring the reframed Vision to life – new choices and new business models.

Uncovering Sustainability Sessions

Designed to immerse leadership teams into the importance of sustainable business and to acquire a systemic view of the impact of their organisations in the world.

These sessions are delivered in the form of workshops and could cover themes like
Conscious Leadership, System Thinking, and Circular Economy. The participants are invited to expand their understanding of the role of their business in the world through new knowledge, and successful case studies, to inspire them to bring change to their organisations.

Expected outputs are:

  • Understanding of the importance of integrating sustainability at the heart of the “business as usual”

  • Up-skilled teams in the area of sustainability, covering themes like conscious leadership, system thinking, and circular economy.

  • Systemic view of the impact of their organisations in the world.

  • New business possibilities that deliver positive results to both Profit, People and Planet.

Sustainability Advisor

For brands and organisations interested on moving sustainability from a set of targets disconnected from the “business as usual” to an integral part of the of their culture and their business strategy.

We advise companies in the path of integrating sustainability at the heart of their
organisations through different tools designed to upskill teams on this emerging field, as well as to provide the right conditions for sustainability to become a new driving force for the business to thrive.

Business Sustainability Lectures

Designed to invite the audience to re-visit the role of business in the world, to understand why sustainability has to become part of the “business as usual”, and to get inspired by examples and case studies to bring change in their area of influence.

These lectures can be delivered in a participative way and tailored made for the audience’s specific industry/brand.

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