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I believe making the world a better place will be very soon the new driving force for business to thrive.

And I'm committed to contributing with my skills and experience to making it happen.

Kathrine Maceratta


Kathrine Maceratta is a Sustainability Consultant for Business and founder of GAEA COLLABORATION LTD. Following a successful 20 years career at Unilever, leading marketing strategies for global brands of over 1 billion Euros, she left her corporate role in 2017 to fully dedicate herself to a new purpose: to integrate sustainability at the heart of the business.


Kathrine believes the only way for business to thrive, in the current context of the world, is by incorporating sustainability as a critical pillar of success alongside profit and sales. To be more effective in this area, in recent years Kathrine has complemented her senior experience in Business Management, Marketing, and Brand Development, with several pieces of training such as Business Sustainability Management Certificate from Cambridge University, and other courses in the field of System Thinking, Circular Economy and Holistic Business at Schumacher College. She is also currently pursuing an additional Sustainability Certificate with Harvard University.

This combination of skills equips Kathrine with a unique set of tools to support businesses that are willing to transform themselves and find solutions that deliver positive results for both People, Planet, and Profit.


In 2017, while still at Unilever, Kathrine piloted a new approach for category units to make sustainability a new springboard for business to thrive. She designed and led the initiative for the Global Detergents category and during 2018 to the Household Cleaners category. Both projects have been recognised in Unilever as best examples to move the sustainability agenda from a set of isolated targets to an integral input for the business strategy. The approach has since being rolled out inside the company as part of the next stage for the renowned Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.

About the founder

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