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Our Mission

Gaea Collaboration is a platform dedicated to making Sustainability a commonplace in the world of business.


We partner brands and organisations that are committed to rethinking their business to deliver positive results to both Profit, People and Planet, in two ways:


Helping clients to reframe their vision in order to embed sustainability at the heart of what they do and to identify the strategic actions that will make that Vision a reality


Supporting clients to expand/optimise the impact of an already sustainable initiative.

Our Services

Reframe Vision

of Brands or Business units that want to integrate Sustainability at the heart of their strategies and find the “sweet spot” where it is possible to make a positive impact on bothPeople, Planet, and Profit.

Augment Purpose

of business initiatives that have already found a Purpose and want to identify the strategic actions that can bring that Purpose to life as well as to amplify their impact on both People, Planet, and Profit.

Our Clients

Howard Zinn