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Introducing our law firm

To make Sustainability a driving force for brands and organisations to thrive.


So “doing well by doing good” can become the new fabric for business.


Gaea Collaboration is a platform dedicated to making Sustainability a commonplace in the world of business.


We partner brands and organisations that are committed to integrate sustainability at the heart of what they do in order to deliver positive results to both Profit, People and Planet.


With challenges as significant as climate change, biodiversity loss and plastic pollution, we believe that an evolved vision for the role of business, which treats sustainability as another pillar of success, is imperative.
We believe making the world a better place will be very soon the new driving force for brands and business to thrive. And we are committed to contributing to making it happen.


​Sustainability Transformation Programme

Designed to help organisations to understand their sustainability challenges and to find the
“sweet spot” where it’s possible to make a positive impact on both People, Planet, and
Profit, to future-proof their business.

Uncovering Sustainability Sessions

Designed to immerse leadership teams into the importance of sustainable business and to
acquire a systemic view of the impact of their organisations in the world.

Sustainability Advisor

For brands and organisations interested on moving sustainability from a set of targets
disconnected from the “business as usual” to an integral part of their culture and
their business strategy.


Sustainability Lectures

Designed to invite the audience to re-visit the role of business in the world, to understand
why sustainability has to become part of the “business as usual”, and to get inspired by
examples and case studies to bring change in their area of influence.




Kathrine inspired a powerful approach to accelerate truly sustainable innovation at the heart of our strategy;  combining consumer insight, significant external expertise, and clear fact based technical analysis. The outcome was a strategy that unlocked a shared new energy and accelerated the new technologies needed to help us grow more sustainably.

Stuart Edmunds

Former EVP Unilever

News and Updates of Gaea Collaboration

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